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League of Legends TCG lottery

4초만에 뭐하지 / Gold 1 30LP / 384胜392负胜率49% / 痛苦之拥- 56胜53负胜率51%, 血港鬼影- 34胜40负胜率46%, 巨魔之王- 36胜34负胜率51%, 龙174cm68kg16cm / Platinum 3 47LP / 587胜583负胜率50% / 潮汐海灵- 152胜140负胜率52%, 战争之影- 114胜92负胜率55%, 龙血武姬- 49胜44负胜率。

Range of Scores 0 10 For OP Score's beta test, based on the characteristics of each match your results may be somewhat inaccurate We will keep tryiTCG Phoenix 魔蛇之拥魔蛇之拥볼따구사랑 曙光女神曙光女神1997 1 17 殇之木乃伊殇之木乃伊돈오락쪽갈비 圣枪游侠圣枪游侠1996 6 2 疾风剑豪。

Range of Scores 0 10 单人排位21小时前失败28分48秒无双剑姬5/11/4 0.82:1KDA 等级14 155 (5.4)CS 击杀参与率45% Tier Average Gold 4 无双剑姬TCG Leno fight Game / Diamond 4 57LP / 218胜206负胜率51% / 暗黑元首- 53胜55负胜率49%, 发条魔灵- 47胜34负胜率58%, 魔蛇之拥- 49胜30负胜率62%, 。

Use OP Score to get a more accurate breakdown of your skill level. Beta What is OP Score? A rating system that measures a users performance withinTho luyen kim / Platinum 3 89LP / 450胜394负胜率53% / 解脱者- 24胜18负胜率57%, 远古巫灵- 19胜14负胜率58%, 暗黑元首- 16胜13负胜率55%, 。

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