Benefits of Unexpected Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is not just for style. If 80-90 young people are accustomed to hanging out while chewing Bubble gum, in the last few years no young child has been seen walking or hanging out while chewing gum. Although it’s no longer a trend, gum is still consumed today.

Unlike other types of candy, it turns out that gum has many benefits, you know. In fact, you might never have guessed before if the chewing gum can have a positive impact on your life. Intrigued by the benefits of chewing gum? Here are the benefits that you can get from chewing gum. Come on, listen!

Increase Focus and Warning

Not only opinions, but there are a number of facts that confirm that gum can increase focus and alertness, you know. This condition is caused by the jaw movement that chews will stimulate the brain nerves associated with arousal. In addition, when chewing gum, blood flow to the brain will also increase.

This increase in arousal and blood flow is said to be able to increase one’s focus and alertness. Especially if you choose gum with mint flavor, it is said that it will also increase the alertness of someone who consumes it.

Reduce stress

Have you ever nailed or shaken your own feet? Maybe you are not aware of that step. But know that these signs of anxiety can be caused by stress.

To reduce stress and bad habits such as biting your nails and shaking your feet, try chewing gum. Repeated chewing activities can reduce the levels of the hormone cortisol, one of the stress hormones.

Maintaining Oral and Dental Health

“Watch out, don’t eat excessive candy because it can damage teeth!” This prohibition is often heard from the mouths of parents who forbid their babies to suck on candy continuously. However, these words do not apply if the type of candy consumed is sugar-free gum.

Chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after each meal can increase sativa production or saliva. In addition, sugarless gum also reduces bacterial growth in the mouth. Even though chewing gum provides positive benefits for dental and oral health, you still cannot replace the function of brushing your teeth by just chewing gum.

Helping People Who Want to Quit Smoking

It is common knowledge if smoking habits can bring adverse effects to health. Not a few people claim to want to quit smoking even though the reality is not that easy. In addition to the strong determination needed, people who want to quit smoking can choose gum as a ‘substitute’ for cigarettes that are usually smoked.

Someone who has a smoking habit will feel acid in their mouth if they don’t smoke as usual. Well, here the role of gum is to reduce the sour taste in the mouth of smokers who adapt not to smoke. In addition, chewing gum will reduce the desire to smoke naturally, you know.

Helping Weight Loss Diets

Are you on a diet to lose weight? For those of you who have never been on a diet before, of course you will experience difficulties when you have to control your appetite. You also have to leave the habit of snacking on this diet.

The solution to the success of your diet is to chew gum to suppress appetite. Believe it or not, eating chewing gum can make you want to snack less. But you need to remember that the type of gum that is consumed properly is that it does not contain sugar. Sweet candies that contain calories will only hinder your efforts to lose weight.

Relieves Ear Pain At Height

If you have ever felt pain in the ear area when the plane takes off or will land, the condition is reasonable considering the air pressure at altitude must be different when you are on land. Even though it lasts for a while, ear pain due to being at this height can make someone feel uncomfortable.

One of the best ways to relieve earaches while on an airplane is to chew gum. As we know, chewing gum can increase the production of saliva so you swallow more. When you swallow saliva, the air pressure in your ears becomes more balanced and the pain decreases.

Reducing stomach acid

Increased stomach acid has the potential to make a person feel heartburn, nausea, and cause desire to vomit. This condition is trivial but can inhibit activity. In fact, when nausea someone will have difficulty swallowing food.

Chewing gum can actually reduce stomach acid. Even though stomach acid has risen into the throat, the production of saliva produced after chewing gum can cleanse the acid.

Even though you will have difficulty swallowing food when stomach acid increases, it is better if you keep eating a little before you start chewing gum.

Tighten Facial Skin

Premature aging can result in sagging and wrinkled facial skin. Usually to anticipate this many people are willing to spend money to buy anti-aging skin care and undergo treatment at a beauty clinic. However, gum can provide natural ‘therapy’ to prevent the skin from becoming loose and wrinkled.

Without you realizing when chewing gum, facial muscles also move. Indirectly this condition can be a natural therapy to tighten facial skin and inhibit the aging process.

Refreshing Breath

Bad breath has the potential to reduce one’s confidence. When you have to have dialogue with other people, indirectly the smell of breath will smell with the other person. If you don’t have time to brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash, just chew sugar-free gum with a mint flavor.

Besides the mint flavorings found in the gum you eat, the production of saliva produced by chewing gum also contributes to refreshing the breath. Saliva is able to cleanse bacteria that cause bad breath naturally.

Increase Memory

Simple habits like chewing gum can actually improve memory. This mental performance improvement occurs because the chewing movement can increase blood flow to the brain more. Unmitigated, this increase in memory can reach 25-40%. Chewing also increases the oxygen supply to the brain to improve memory.

For those of you who like to chew gum, you will get a number of benefits mentioned above. However, despite offering a variety of benefits, you should consume gum in a reasonable amount. Avoid consuming excessive amounts of gum, especially gum containing sugar in it.

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