Easy Ways to Improve Brain Intelligence to Try

It’s never too late to be smart. Even though you are no longer young now, you can still have brain intelligence above average, you know. So what should be done if you want to improve intelligence?

Do some exercises if you want to increase brain intelligence regularly. Bacaterus will share a number of things you must do to make the intelligence of the brain continue to increase. Come on, see the full explanation here.

Consumption of Foods that Are Good for the Brain

Just like other organs, the brain also needs nutrients to function properly. Therefore, you must meet the nutritional needs of the brain by eating the right foods.

Expand Reading Activity

Are any of you who are still lazy to read? Reading is not just to increase knowledge, but also can be used to improve brain intelligence. By reading, we understand all things that we may not have known before.

Reading is a simple therapy to improve brain intelligence. However, you also have to be very smart in choosing to read because not all reading can improve brain intelligence. Read newspapers or books that provide education or at least knowledge for you. The brain will store the information you read.

Practice with Games

Who says games hinder brain intelligence? Some types of games can actually train brain agility. One game that can improve brain intelligence is bingo. In playing bingo, the brain will be trained to concentrate and act quickly.

Besides bingo, another type of game that can improve brain intelligence is crossword puzzles (TTS). Just buy TTS books that are sold on the market. When I am free, practicing is filling out all available TTS. Guaranteed, you will be smarter in thinking and solving problems.

Think Before Acting

Have you ever seen someone who was rash in making decisions that definitely reaped unsatisfactory results? Now, reflecting on this, you must think before you act. Smart people must be accustomed to considering profits and losses before making a decision.

If you want to train your brain to be smarter, start practicing this habit. Think carefully before taking action. Don’t hesitate to consider profit and loss before making a decision, especially if it is an important decision.

Increase discussion

Smart people tend to prefer to discuss to exchange ideas with other people. Now, if you are trying to improve your brain’s intelligence, there’s nothing wrong if your days are filled with discussions with other people.

From other people’s minds, you can learn many things. In addition, discussion is a simple exercise to sharpen the brain. If you or your siblings have a problem, try to invite them to the discussion. Indirectly the brain will practice solving the problem being discussed.

Talk with Others

In addition to discussions, light and relaxed conversations are also useful to increase brain intelligence, you know. In fact, speaking is considered a more effective way than just playing bingo or doing crossword puzzles.

Talking can improve brain function. Speech therapy has also been widely applied to people who have cognitive function disorders. As a result, someone who often socializes by speaking has improved his cognitive abilities and intelligence.

Talking doesn’t have to be face to face. You can talk on the phone with family or friends. However, it will certainly be better if you can talk directly with other people.


Napping can improve brain intelligence, really? Yes, of course that is true. During the day the brain has decreased cognitive function. A short break can make the brain function properly afterwards.

So, what if you work in an office and don’t let it take a nap? Take advantage of existing breaks. After eating, take a nap for 20-30 minutes. Don’t forget to set an alarm so you don’t sleep until the rest time is over.

After a short nap, the brain will be refreshed and function properly. When brain function has returned to normal, the level of brain intelligence also increases.

Walk Every Day

At a glance, there is no connection between walking and increasing brain intelligence. However, studies have shown that walking for 15 minutes three times a week can improve brain function by up to 15%. The more you walk, the higher your brain functions.

Choose the time in the morning to walk. Besides the weather is not too hot, fresh morning air can also affect the freshness of the mind. You can do this activity when chatting with your partner or listening to music. Do things that can make you enjoy while walking.

Do you need to walk every day? If the conditions allow, why not? However, walking provides benefits not only for the brain, but also for overall body health.

Get used to writing

Even if you don’t have basic writing or hobbies, you can start getting used to this activity. Because, writing is one way that can increase intelligence and sharpen the mindset naturally. What should you write?

Whatever you want, from diaries, personal blogs, to information or status on social media accounts. Indirectly before writing, you will think for a moment about what you want to write. Of course this activity will greatly stimulate the brain’s natural intelligence.

Always Learning and Exploring

Want to know the most effective tips for increasing brain intelligence? Learning and exploration. Both are the best ways to improve intelligence. Because, learning and exploring together trains the brain to think and save memory.

“If it’s big, what should be learned?” Remember, learning isn’t just limited to school, you know. You can learn many things that you might not have understood before. The more you learn and explore, the higher the intelligence of your brain.

Already know various ways to improve intelligence, right? Now, it’s time for you to apply this method to everyday life. Remember, it’s never too late to be a smart person. Anyone can be smart without a limited educational background.

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