Tips for maintaining a healthy body

One of God’s blessings that we need to protect is body health. A healthy body is the capital to carry out various activities and daily activities, both those related to world activities and life after the world, the next. With a healthy body we can do activities smoothly and the results are in line with expectations.

A healthy body is everyone’s dream, including you, right? Health is a valuable asset because health is expensive. If we are sick, we need doctors and medicines to cure pain, so we are very expensive. We will not feel comfortable, even though we have abundant wealth and wealth if our bodies are not healthy, then we cannot enjoy life.

Actually God created us in the best shape and condition than other creatures. We have been created so well that we must take care of it with good effort so that our bodies stay healthy. In modern times a person’s lifestyle that follows the age is not necessarily a healthy lifestyle. Many people do a lifestyle that is not good for their health. Lifestyle includes eating, sleeping, and exercise that is rarely done.

Dangers of a Bad Unhealthy Lifestyle

Poor diet and consuming unhealthy foods without these rules causes the body to become unhealthy. People prefer to eat ready-to-eat foods and instant because many people are too busy with their activities and work so their diet is irregular. They eat food without considering the content contained in food. Bad habits can also cause your body to become unhealthy, such as sleeping habits that are too late at night and other habits such as eating unhealthy foods and drinks.

From now on let’s do a healthy life by doing things that can maintain our body’s health. How to maintain the health of our body can be in a modern way or by natural means. You can also do small things that are easy but will have important effects in maintaining a healthy body. Here are some ways to maintain a healthy body:

1. Meet fibrous foods

The body needs foods that contain fiber to protect the body from bacterial attacks, fiber also serves to stimulate the smooth disposal of excretions from our body through intestinal tract activity. Dirt in our body will be easily removed if the fiber needs are met. If dirt in the body is difficult to remove because of lack of fiber, the dirt in the body can accumulate so that it can become toxic in the body and cause disease. Fulfill your body’s needs with enough fiber. Foods containing high fiber include:

Kiwifruit – Kiwi is a fruit that contains the highest fiber compared to other fruits. Fiber content in 3.0 grams of kiwi fruit / 100 grams of fiber. You can eat kiwi with juice or make another menu that you like like fruit soup. To avoid boredom by just eating kiwi fruit directly.

Red beans – Red beans also include foods that contain high fiber. Besides high fiber, red beans contain protein and iron which are very good for the health of the body.

Avocados – Avocados contain high fiber which is good for body health. Avocados contain unsaturated fats which can reduce the risk of heart disease and can reduce cholesterol. This fruit can be consumed with various menus such as juz, eaten with milk, fruit ice and other menus that suit your taste.

Corn – Corn is a food that can replace rice or staple food because of the carbohydrate content in it. In addition to foods that contain carbohydrates, corn contains fiber that is quite high. Corn can be consumed with vegetables, pudding, or snacks such as popcorn.

Peanuts include vegetables that contain high fiber. In addition to containing high-fiber beans also contain antioxidants that are good for the health of the body and prevent attacks of heart disease or cancer.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a food that contains high fiber. Consumption of oatmeal for breakfast is very good for health. Oatmeal is also a type of food rich in special fiber as a food to lower cholesterol in the body. Enhances the immune system, called beta glucan.

Peas – Peas are beans that contain high fiber. One cup of peas contains 16.3 grams of fiber.

2. Breakfast before 9

Breakfast is very important to maintain the health of our body. It has been approved by some experts that the best breakfast is breakfast before 9 in the morning. Breakfast is very important because in the morning the condition of our stomach is empty because it has been processed when we rest at night which is around 7 to 8 hours.

Breakfast is our energy source for daytime activities. Leaving breakfast can cause the body to become weak, lethargic, underpowered and difficult to think. In children breakfast can increase strength and intelligence in thinking so that it can improve learning achievement. Breakfast to be able to meet energy needs as much as 15 to 30% of daily energy and nutrition needs. In addition to meeting the body’s energy needs breakfast turns out to also be able to prevent obesity and cholesterol.

3. Eat 4 healthy foods perfectly

Fulfill the body’s right to get 4 perfect healthy foods 5. Perfect 4 healthy foods including rice, side dishes, vegetables, fruit and milk. Rice is a staple food as a source of carbohydrates, side dishes as a source of protein, vegetables as a source of minerals and fruit as a source of vitamins. Milk as a refiner for the need to increase energy and meet our bone needs.

To get 4 healthy menus, 5 perfect foods don’t have to be expensive. Many healthy fruits, vegetables, and complementary foods can be purchased at affordable prices. It does not need to be expensive which is important so that the content of human nutritional needs needed by the body is fulfilled perfectly so that the body remains healthy.

4. Keep food clean and hygienic

All food you consume must be guaranteed cleanliness. Foods like fruit and vegetables are washed before you consume them. When cooking food, cook until fully cooked. Foods that are not perfectly cooked have the risk of still containing bacteria that can endanger your body’s health.

5. Avoid eating too much instant food

Instant food has a practical advantage because it is served and tastes good but has more negative effects on body health. Instant food is very friendly for those of you who are busy with activities and work such as office workers or students. One of the instant foods that is easy to serve is instant noodles. Do not consume too much instant noodles because many chemicals in it such as sodium polyphosphate, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, wax substances and food coloring, all of which are not good if you enter the body too often. (Also read: danger of eating instant noodles – side effects of instant noodles)

We do not mean that you cannot consume instant food at all, but not too often, a maximum of once a week. In cooking instant noodles, the correct way is not to cook the noodles in a burning fire but sprinkle the spices when the noodles have been cooked and are inside the dish. When cooking water noodles, the results of the cooking are replaced with new ones, because the noodles contain wax so that the water from the noodles contains a lot of wax and if it enters the body it will be dangerous.

6. Control meal portions

The portion of overeating will not improve body health but can actually cause many diseases. If you eat too much, the risk of fat will be higher. Fat people will be more susceptible to various diseases and obesity. Eat a reasonable portion.

Some of the dangers of eating excessive portions include diabetes, impaired brain insulin signal function, psychological growth is inhibited, sugar levels can rise higher, the body produces a lot of free radicals, and other negative consequences.

7. Drink lots of water

The body’s need for water every day is at least 1.5 liters, equivalent to about 8 glasses. Water is needed by the body to meet body fluids. 70% of our body consists of fluids so water needs need to be met. How to maintain a healthy body with the benefits of water, can not be replaced with other water. Water is the most healthy water for the body and is not harmful to the body. The benefits known to ordinary people may only eliminate thirst in the body, but actually water has many benefits for the health of our bodies.

Some of the benefits of water for the body such as:

  • Maintain fluid balance in the body
  • Control calories in the body
  • Add energy
  • Helps eliminate toxins in the body
  • Helps maintain kidney function to stay good
  • Increase productivity in the body
  • Improve brain function
  • Launch the circulatory system
  • Treat headaches

By looking at the fact that there are many benefits of water, from now on, drink lots of water to keep your body healthy. (read also: danger of lack of drinking water – because of excess water)

8. Reduce coffee

For you coffee fans reduce your coffee consumption if you want to keep your body healthy. Coffee contains the danger of caffeine which if consumed in large quantities will cause negative effects on the health of the body. The high caffeine content in kpo can slow down the heart’s performance.

9. Avoid consuming too much isotonic drinks

Isotonic drinks that are sold a lot do have a better taste but if we consume them too often it is not good for the health of the body. Isotonic drinks contain many chemicals and preservatives which are not good for the health of the body. It’s better if you consume juz or coconut water.

Fresh fruit juice will meet the needs of vitamins in the body, coconut water which has many benefits for the body will help eliminate toxins in your body. Head water is very good for body health because the natural content in it can replace body ions that are lost due to all day activities. Head water is also good for the health of pregnant women.

10. Avoid the habit of staying up late

For those who do a lot of activity during the day, avoid staying up late at night. Staying up late will make the body’s condition become less healthy because the night wind is good for the body. As a result of staying up late at night can cause many diseases in our body such as:

  • weight problems
  • weakened immune system
  • heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, headache, weak reflexes, reduced life expectancy
  • in the long term damage to nerve cells can occur in the brain
  • Seeing the many risks that can interfere with your body’s health, you must avoid staying up late.

11. Get used to drinking water before and after sleep

Drink water before going to bed and after waking up properly. Before going to bed, drink at least one glass of water so that when you sleep, water will help your body remove toxins in your body. When you wake up don’t drink water except water. Drinking water when you wake up is good for balancing the performance of your brain that has just rested and will be used again.

12. Take a multivitamin

Multivitamins are needed by your body to increase the nutritional intake of vegetables and fruits. Take a multivitamin that suits your body’s health. Multivitamins are widely available at pharmacies so you can easily get them. Drink regularly so that your body stays healthy.

13. Take vitamin D

Fulfill your body’s need for vitamin D. Vitamin D functions to protect your body from various germs, diseases, viruses and bacteria that attack because vitamin D acts as a stimulus for immune cells so that the immune system will be strong against various diseases. You can get Vitamin D not only from food but also from the sun’s energy in the morning. The sun on the morning before 9 o’clock will change pro vitamin D in your body to vitamin D. The sun can fulfill vitamin D in the body, because of the vitamin D content in the sun up to 80%.

While vitamin D is contained in foods such as eggs, liver, milk, salmon, shrimp, tofu, cheese, cereals, mushrooms, cod liver oil, soybeans. And many more foods that contain vitamin D, eat balanced so that the body stays healthy.

14. Exercise regularly

Keeping a healthy body besides food, we also have to balance the body by exercising regularly. Exercise can refresh the body, so that it becomes fit and elevated and avoids illness. The benefits of exercise for health are not only obtained with modern tools and ways that burden your body. Exercise that is comfortable and in accordance with the portion of the body’s strength, which is important for your body to move so it is not stiff and susceptible to disease.

You can choose the sport you like such as swimming 3 times a week, exercising every Sunday or jogging for sweating in the body and there are still many sports that you can choose from. To maintain a healthy body, do exercise at least once a week. For office workers or other students or professions that do activities on weekdays, you can exercise when the weekend with your family or friends will definitely be more fun.

15. Get used to sleeping early and getting up early

Sleep habits are very good for how to maintain our body’s health. When we wake up in the morning, we will breathe fresh air that has not been polluted by various kinds of air pollution so that clean oxygen intake is fulfilled. Clean oxygen also affects brain performance so that the mind becomes calm and easier to think positively and emit bright ideas.

Sleeping early makes our rest sufficient. Get used to sleeping around 9:00 a.m. and wake up early at 5:00 in the morning (Also read: danger of getting up immediately showering – danger of sleeping on the morning before January 11)

16. Get enough rest

Your body needs to rest after a day of activities. Get adequate and quality rest, because there is enough rest if you maintain a healthy body if your wife does not meet the requirements. Get enough rest, 7 to 8 hours a day. Quality breaks without us carry a burden in our sleep. Try to sleep in our minds in a free condition so that getting up early will be refreshed.

17. Avoid sleeping at certain times

There are some times that are not good when used for sleep, namely in the morning after 6:00 a.m. and evening after 3:00 a.m. if you sleep at the time that goes into the span of time it is not good for your body’s health. Many say that sleeping in the morning, fortune will be pegged to chickens, it is true that we sleep in the morning when it must be used to do useful activities but it is actually wasted in sleep. Apart from that the loss to the health of the body is also not good because it can cause dizziness.

Sleep late after 3:00 a.m. this is also not good because it can cause us to easily forget and weaken the intelligence of the brain. Avoid sleeping twice. If you want to take a break, sleep one hour in the afternoon around 12:00 to 13:00. Sleeping at this hour is actually healthy for the body because it provides an opportunity for the body to take a break.

18. Fasting

Fasting is proven to be able to nourish our bodies. By fasting, our digestive organs will rest, not only does our body need to rest our digestive devices, we also need to rest. In addition, fasting can also eliminate toxins in the body, this process in the medical world is known as detoxification. Fasting is recommended twice a week, which according to Islam, is a good Monday and Thursday.

19. Maintain cleanliness

Cleanliness is the key to the health of the body. Keep yourself and your environment clean. Personal hygiene such as washing hands before eating and after eating. Wash twice a day so that germs and bacteria that can attack your health do not stick to your body. Germs and bacteria in your body or environment are caused by a lack of cleanliness of yourself or your environment.

The food you eat must also be kept clean. If you want to buy food, choose foods covered by plastic, avoid buying food that is on the roadside because food sold on the roadside is exposed to dust and pollution so that it can cause many diseases, such as stomach aches and diarrhea.

20. Think positively

Positive thinking will prevent you from stress because stress can cause some risks of being susceptible to disease. Positive thoughts will affect the health of the mind and soul, a healthy soul will affect a healthy body.

Thus several ways to maintain a healthy body every day. Do it happily so you can get excellent body health. To get a body that stays healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, right? The important thing is there is willingness and intention so that you can get a healthy body. Good luck keeping your body healthy.

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